2019-06-06 09:44:15

    Italian coffee maker, manufactured by the Italians in 1933, no matter how advanced the outside,

    Which are aluminum, there are a small number of stainless steel on the market, this is not pure, because the aluminum in the cook several times, leaving the aroma of coffee, the United States is similar to China's teapot. Italian coffee pot is used to extract espresso coffee tools.

    Because the Italian people drink coffee, like the Chinese people, like tea, since ancient times,So the structure of the gas furnace with this just match, the smallest of which is specially designed for the Italian fire pot. Fire, mellow gradually distributed out of the poof made when the coffee began to leak to the coffee slot, when the coffee pot to reach the pot under the mouth of 0.5 cm, the sink almost no water, you can turn off the fire. Do not worry from the first pot, and other mellow perfume their own mix.

    Oh, when the room is filled with the smell of incense, the coffee down in the preheated cup, and then according to their own taste with hot milk and sugar, the taste is really beautiful!

    When the kettle cooling down, open will find coffee powder has become a coffee cake, pour in a small dish on the table, fragrance for a long time. Wash each part with water, dry, no longer combined, and can make it dry to keep the smell fresh.

    Italian people do not eat coffee, coffee and tea do not eat tea with us is similar. So here, instant coffee is not popular with locals.


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